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Book Manuscript

Ore Koren and Jerry Urtuzuastigui. Climate Adaptation and Conflict Mitigation: The Case of South Sudan. Under contract at Cambridge University Press.


“Targeted Sanctions, Resource Substitution, and Violence Against Civilians: Localized Evidence from African States.” (with Ore Koren). World Development. (March 2024). DOI:

“Human Rights Organizations, Equal Opportunity, and Violence Against Refugees.” (with Naji Bsisu and Lacey Hunter). The British Journal of Politics and International Relations. (February 2024). DOI:

“American Diasporas, Homeland Human Rights Conduct, and the Onset of Human Rights-Based Economic Sanctions.” International Interactions. 49, 5 (June 2023): 727-754. DOI:

“Bilateral aid in sub-Saharan Africa: are donor delivery tactics stimulating economic growth and development?” Journal of Contemporary African Studies 37, 1 (June 2019): 128-147. DOI:

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Under Review

Working Papers

Economic Sanctions, Subnational State Capacity, and the Spatial Reallocation of Government Investments: Evidence from Developing States.In progress. 

“Assessing the Effects of International Sanctions on Conflict-Induced Refugee Flows” (with Naji Bsisu and Kate Vernalis). In progress.

Economic Sanctions, Territorial Reach, and Rebel Group Formation.” In progress.

“Economic Sanctions, Territorial Reach, and Violent Conflict.” In progress.

Economic Sanctions, Low-Priority Spending, and Climate-Related Social Conflict.” In progress.